Steve Arnold Gun Room
Steve Arnold’s Gun Room has been serving the public for over 30 years. Established in 1976, located in Western Oregon, we have remained committed to your personal privacy.
The Gun Room offers a variety of publications, both books and videos, on self protection, security, lock smithing, secrets of survival during a bioterrorism attack, and how to prepare for terrorist threats or attacks, information on action careers, spy technology, explosives and demolition. Some titles include Extreme Survival Almanac, Survival Shelters Construction, US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook, Techniques of Safecracking, A Repossessor's Guide To Auto Locks, and Improvised Explosives and Munitions.
Check out our manuals on in-field medical treatments. We also carry professional quality field grade surgeons kits, containing all the instruments needed to perform minor surgery in an emergency and  lock picking tools.

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